When meeting students around campus or speaking with them individually for the first time they often ask one particular question: “What is your impression of Korea?” The question always comes across quite keenly even though it may have been made clear I have only been here for a limited time. At first I was thrown a bit askew because it seemed an odd question to ask someone who had such limited knowledge of the country. However, I quickly began to recognize it as a display of how proud Koreans are of their country, and how keen they are for the impression to be a good one. The question never comes across in any manner of boasting. Instead, I always get the feeling the inquirer is anxious and hopeful for a favourable response and looking to imprint a positive impression of Korea on me in his or her own way. My response is always truthful and I am open in saying the people of Korea have been very kind and helpful, leaving me with a positive impression so far. In turn, I am impressed with their question and recognize them as people who care about the impression their country and culture leaves upon visitors.

-Excellent discussion in Culture, Film & Conversation club this evening. Heroes & Role Models – featured introducing Terry Fox.
-Terry Fox run on Sunday: walk, run, often you can choose your distance – some places even have cycling – get out there!
drumming performance: WOW.
-Allez Lyon!


2 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Whoa – will I be this eloquent if I get a blog?! Apparently one of my students misunderstood me when I said “Group 3” and asked “Who Hebrew was” as he looked around expectantly. Good times in grade 6/7. It sounds like you are having a great time! Keep up the interesting entries!
    Andrea 🙂

  2. wow!!

    I came through sfu interns(cnue) here. ^^

    what a surprise. I would know your opinion of korea,korean.

    I wanna your friend. I like all of sports very much. I love

    movement. I hope we play tennis on sunday. after exercise we

    would have a meal or have a drink together.

    Later i’ll send e-mail to you!! ㅋ

    PS. I’m interested in hockey. Would you play with me later ^^

    I can ride skate. Maybe it is simmilar with skate.

    Also i’m intersted in teach each other’s language(korean-english)

    program. When that program start?

    Anyway i hope you’ll see my comment.

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