Film & Vino

Using film as a teaching tool has allowed passion, debate, questions and insight to flow. Film has helped spur controversial conversations in our English clubs, exposed differences and similarities in cultures and given life to the “Starbucks on every corner” joke. We have been using such well made films that I don’t grow tired of prepping them twice, only to watch them again with students. The Vancouver International Film Festival runs from Sept. 28 – Oct. 13 and from a quick glance through the program it is obvious there will be some amazing films shown. Why not check some out?
Vino takes la Vuelta! Through the haze that hangs over cycling Alexandre Vinokourov bursts through to claim his first grand tour. He is exciting, dynamic in ability, aggressive, relentless, and humble. The misdeeds of others kept him out of the Tour and his team was on the verge of being dismantled. He went out to reconstruct the management and sponsorship. While other teams have huge companies as primary sponsors, a consortium of businesses got behind his passion to go under the name of his native Kazakhstan’s capital: Astana. He responds with the most thrilling full race performance of the season. If one wanted to get into following cycling this is the guy to watch. I’ll be cheering for him as he heads to the world championships on Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Film & Vino

  1. starbucks on every corner. it’s very funny

    starbucks’s imitation exist in chungju. As you know New Yoker is

    simmiar with starbucks. In korea, some people immitate us or

    Europe. they’re using us’culture in order to gain profit without

    pay royalty.

    Anyway see you tommorow

  2. hi ian, its me cousin! how are things. anyway all is good here jacob was out tonight playing a game of street hockey with all the neighbors. thats about it. oh i am playing a trip to vegas for my 30th bday. have a good one love andrea

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