Arrival of the Gold Eagles

“Why are we all called the Eagles?”

While I had contemplated a few topics for my first entry post-arrival, yesterday’s experience could not pass without comment. There are a number of stories within Sunday’s little adventure, but the focus for now will hold on the main premise. Quite simply, I hitched a ride thinking I would get the chance just to skate a bit, yet wound up playing in a tournament for the Daejon Gold Eagles Ice Hockey Club Team – en route to helping them capture 3rd place. Depth to many aspects of this story (including ages of the different teams and number of cigarettes smoked by our team) are for another time and place. The important factor here is the memory I will have of being embraced with open arms by the Daejon Gold Eagles Ice Hockey Club Team. These gentlemen played with grins no mouth-guard could possibly contain. Their love of hockey, coupled with their enthusiasm and generosity, made for a spectacular day. With some minor exceptions – that for my own conscience I did act to rectify and ultimately balance (hopefully) – I had good clean fun. One might say: “like I was a kid again?”. No, the type of fun of yesterday was different from that of hockey as a kid. This event was a reminder of what a tournament could be. It would be worthwhile to get back into hockey if there were more tournaments like yesterday’s. Thanks to Mark for inviting me.
Every team was a different coloured Eagle. Our loss to the Red Eagles (who went on to defeat the Blue Eagles in the finals) put is into the bronze game where we defeated the Orange Eagles. There were other Eagles. But there was only one bunch of guys known as the Daejon Gold Eagles Ice Hockey Club Team. Never forget that name.

-Yes, it is a little warm.
-Acorn is my new favourite food.
-Props to Canadian Women’s Rugby team for battling and scoring against the powerhouse New Zealand side in the Word Cup opener.
-How ’bout my boy Vino with back to back stage wins at la Vuelta!


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