Best Shots of 2007

A couple of days ago I was invited to join a new group on flickr: The Best Photo of 2007. Group members are asked to submit what they feel is their one best photo from the year we just said good-bye to. With no other criteria to go on, I was totally stumped. I didn’t feel I had one amazing shot from the past 12 months that stood out from all the others. So, I relied upon your help. I went to the photos that readers of my blog, and viewers of my photos had chosen as my best shots from my first 200 posted on flickr. From this group of 18 there are 12 that were taken in 2007. Of these dozen there were four that I felt met three pieces of criteria I randomly constructed: (1) I was making a conscious effort to compose something with multiple elements, (2) it turned out better than I had expected, and (3) I just plain like it. This process left me with four photographs:

Please keep in mind that there are a lot of fantastic and actually legitimate “best” shots out there done by different people (just check out the group). This is simply what my limited skill had, so from these I pondered.

Each of these is a very different type of shot. Two colour, two black and white. One macro focus. One landscape. One candid portrait. One artsy minimalist shot. Each picture represented something different that I really enjoy capturing in a photo. As a result, I just had to go with a feeling in the end. While each of these four photos allow me to recall a unique and fond memory, I chose the photo that seemed to capture the largest memory. I chose my one “best” shot from 2007 because, not only do I feel it is well composed, rich in colour, and contains a reflection (a favourite element of mine) but it allows me to recall my jaunt across the southern portion of the province in the summer of ’07, and helps serve as a reminder of the beautiful place our own backyard is. Blanket Creek was my choice:

Blanket Creek

Thanks to keir for inviting me into the group. Huge thanks to all the outstanding photographers who posted in the group. There is a lot of talent there, and I enjoy viewing and learning from the amazing photographs. One day I might take photos just as good.

Looking forward to even more great shots in 2008.


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