So-Called Best Photos

So it took me a while – but it took you a while to vote too!

On September 10 I put the call out for people to choose their favourite photos from my flickr account. The purpose was to get a bit of interaction going, and to create a set of Best Shots (So-Far). Seeing as I like the idea of having a set of best shots, but remain well aware that my photographic abilities and the word “best” can be at odds, I opened up the selection process to the public and inserted the phrase “so-called”. Initially I thought I’d close the feedback after a couple of weeks or so. Now, nearly two months later, I have finally counted the votes. This extension allowed for double the number of participants I had secretly predicted and a huge thank you goes out to all 8 who voted. For those of you who didn’t vote just yet, do not despair! While it won’t be advertised as before, the voting will remain perpetually open. If a photo garners more votes (or just positive feedback) it will be moved into So-Called Best Shots. Have your say through email, commenting on this post, or commenting on the photos if you’re a member of flickr (which you should be by the way).

I was a bit floored that 50 photos received votes. That was 25% of my total on-line photos at the time. 14 photos received 2 or more votes, and they were placed into the group of So-Called Best Shots. For various other reasons a few of the one vote shots were also included in Best Photos. Download the complete Best Photos list in word format and see the votes and reasons for yourself.

Interestingly, the photo I regard as my best shot ever (so-far) was voted number one by you folks with 5 votes: Rice Grains For Harvest. This photo was taken in October of 2006 while I was in Korea. I was walking to catch a bus with a group of friends. We had been staying in the country side at a Buddhist Temple for a couple of days. The experience had been once in a lifetime, and we were all in exceptional moods as we passed a rice field. Impressed by the way the sun struck the rice grains I scrambled down to the edge of the field and grabbed this shot. As I took it, I felt it would be good, but it turned out to be great. It’s one of only a very few shots that I would personally consider my best. It feels good to have other people enjoy it.

Please visit the complete set. I think the coolest way is to view it as a slideshow, but you can also see them as a group here: So-Called Best Photos (So-Far). Your feedback on the set or other photos is always welcome. Again, thank-you to those who participated – I enjoyed your thoughts and hope we can all share a chat about photos again in the near future. Photography is an outstanding language that can help us all with balance. I’m appreciative to have conversed with you in it.


3 thoughts on “So-Called Best Photos

  1. You have a cool set there.
    Wish I’d thought of that, in fact I might borrow that idea sometime!
    I was very surprised that there was a lack of support from other groups, perhaps if you had dropped a message in a group rather than your set you would have got more feedback. I know, as admin of life-thru-a-lens I wouldn’t have stopped you. Perhaps some admins may be funny about these kinds of posts but were more relaxed in our group 🙂

    Wish you all the best for your next “Best so far”.

    Dave (keir32)

  2. Thanks for your comments Dave and Loren.

    I use a Cannon PowerShot A620, and I love it. It’s got tons of manual features combined with great automatic settings. It lets me play around, or focus on composing the shot and not having to worry about too many logistics.


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