Eve of Tuesday 2014

This is the 8th annual post for this time of year, and the most direct.

To begin, I am incredibly thankful for a wonderful summer. It was filled with a momentous birthday, an engagement, nuptials, new babies, and plenty of adventure. There is a great deal of caring in our world and I was fortunate to be connected to a lot of it this summer.

The Tuesday after Labour Day is often a time of new beginnings, and fresh starts. This will not be the case for many people in British Columbia tomorrow. There are important issues being discussed, debated, and questioned with regards to the education system in our province. Thus, my message in this year’s annual post is simple, and direct: ask questions, and critique responses.

Please ask those in power to detail their vision of public education. Ask them to also explain their intentions and decisions. Do not accept responses that are lacking in meaning and substance.

Please ask yourself what type of education system is important for an inspiring, responsible, respectful and caring community. Share your thoughts with others, and let’s find our common ground to move forward, together. Let this be our new beginning.

Thank you – merci.
Take care,
à bientôt,

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6 thoughts on “Eve of Tuesday 2014

  1. “Do not accept responses that are lacking in meaning and substance.” – I’m afraid that may be easier said than done, given who and what we’re dealing with. But I appreciate that we need to find common ground in order to find a way forward. Many, many questions worth asking – thank you for the reminder!

    • Thank you for your comment Elaan. You are absolutely correct, it is easy to accept meaningless phrases and disengage from meaningful conversation and questioning. The pursuit of understanding intentions and finding common ground will take a long time. I encourage people to think about how they can contribute to the progress of our education system in the long term, and not just in the coming month. No doubt, this will be a difficult task. People will have to ask themselves, and each other if it is valuable.

      “Those in power” are a wide scope. Many in our society have power to ranging degrees, in various forms. How will each of us that do have power choose to exert it?

      Thanks for the thoughts.

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