Happy Thanksgiving 2012

The Thanksgiving holiday is drawing to a close. As has become the norm for my favourite holiday, this Thanksgiving has been about spending time with family and friends. There has been some hockey, some time in the mountains, some physical activity outdoors, some filmfesting, and some eating of good food – all activities I am fortunate to be able to do, and thankful for.

This year I am particularly thankful for hope and positive thoughts. We are challenged in many different ways in our lives, but sometimes unexpected challenges, those life changing challenges can make things seem bleak and negative. We have all had challenges, and to have witnessed friends and family overcome challenges with the help of hope and positive thoughts. Admittedly, feeling hopeful, and feeling positive are not the sole factors that guide us through life’s challenges. However, they are helpful, and they do bring us closer together. Thus, thank you for sending out hope, and sending out positive thoughts to those people in your life who need it – on Thanksgiving, and throughout the year. As a wiser individual than I noted, thoughts ultimately lead to much more, including actions and habits.

On this Thanksgiving, thanks for sending out out hope and positive thoughts.

Hoping you are able to spend time with those you care about.

Merci – 감사합니다  – Asante – Thank you


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