Lights Out: The Power Surge Tour

Nearly a month in Kenya is coming to an end.

I have a number of pieces of writing in the works about occurrences, thoughts, and reflections since my last post, but it is going to take a bit longer to see if any of them come to complete fruition. In the meantime, it seems only appropriate to mark the last few hours of this adventure with a quick look back, and some thanks.

It became known as Lights Out: The NK & IR Power Surge Tour. Stops and visits included:

  • Kakamega – July 20-28
  • Kisumu – July 29
  • Nairobi – July 29-30
  • Nanyuki – July 31-Aug 3
  • Gilgil Aug 3-6
  • Nakuru Aug 6-10
  • Gilgil Aug 10-13

Nearly all of the stops included disruptions in electrical power – of various severity and duration. With a grin and a shrug we began to consider that  our mere presence was altering the flow of electricity wherever we ventured. However, it did nothing to dampen the experiences. In fact, it became the norm, and whenever the electricity went out, smiles came on. That’s because there was no shortage of power. We were surrounded by the power of amazing educators, fantastic friends, and a wealth of caring. We were welcomed wholeheartedly and with compassion in to meetings, in to workshops, in to schools, in to classrooms, and in to homes throughout our journey. In all of these adventures we were consistently among colleagues who care more than anything about their students. That’s real power.

Once again I leave Kenya having grown as a professional, and having strengthened bonds of friendship. I am so very grateful to my new friends, and my old friends in each of the locations we visited. At the risk of forgetting someone, I will not attempt an exhaustive list. Simply: thank you – asante! While I have learned at every stop along our tour, I will briefly mention that those I have worked closely with in Gilgil these past two years have given me so much. They are simply outstanding friends and colleagues. Asante sana.

I intentionally speak in the present tense. These are my friends, these are my colleagues, even as I depart Kenya.

Finally – a large debt of gratitude to NK as my tour partner. A great teammate, an inspiring educator.

Hopefully more photos to come on flickr, and more writing to come on this blog. In the meantime…

Asante sana – tutaonana siku nyingine!


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