145 for Canada

A couple of years ago I wrote about Canada working towards something. A great deal has happened in our country, and in our world since then. There have been questions, and debates about the future direction of our country. Nevertheless, I do not believe we are on the wrong path. We may not always make the perfect choices, and sometimes we may stumble backwards, but generally we are moving in the right direction. We are moving towards equality, towards responsibility, towards respect. There is still much to be done in all these aspects, but I remain so very grateful, and feel so very fortunate to call this country home.

In March I had the pleasure of attending a wedding outside of Montreal. In attendance were people representing all regions of our vast nation: Pacific, West, Central, East, Atlantic, and North. There were so many differences, but it was all so very Canadian, very together. As I prepare to spend time away from Canada I start to notice those things that I will proudly reference as I travel. In many cases, it is our people, and our potential that I will reference the most. While there is still much work to be done on this project we call Canada, there is a lot of hope we will get there.

Enjoy your holiday! Celebrate that which makes us different, celebrate that which can bring us together, and let’s work on our potential!

Peace Tower
Dominion of Canada


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