Surprise Post

A surprise post arrived yesterday. (Post being a piece of mail in this case, and not a piece of interweb writing). I opened it up to discover two things. First was a copy of Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin’s Three Cups of Tea. Second was a card addressed to me that contained some very specific instructions. I grinned wholeheartedly, and felt great inside. It was not the contents of the post that gave me such a positive feeling, rather it was the intent, action, and caring nature behind it all.

Specifically, my good friend, C, wrote me a very nice card to express that we had not spoken in a while, yet she truly valued our friendship. In order to spur some future communication she suggested an experience that we could share, even though we may not meet up again for a while. She had purchased two copies of the aforementioned book, sent me one and kept the other. Her instructions were for us both to read the book by July 2012, and then meet to discuss. It is certainly my hope that we will finish and meet up before that, but it’s nice to have a generous time-line along with a specific deadline.

I also value my friendship with C and I am completely taken with this surprise concept. I love getting post, I am a big fan of sending cards, and I definitely need to read more. Combine these all with the fact it came from someone so caring and positive and I could not help but feel so incredibly fortunate. Her unexpected act of caring made my day! It made me smile. It made me pick up the phone to call her, and then to call some other old friends I had not spoken with in a while. It also appears as though it got me writing here again.

I look forward to the book, as it is something I have only heard a little bit about, and the topic – building schools through foreign aid – is one I have heard various sentiments on. More importantly I look forward to sharing an experience with someone so intentional and caring.

Perhaps you have done something similar, or would like to try an experience like this? I encourage you to give it a go. I know I will be – don’t forget to check your post box!


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