Civic Elections 2011

Today, Saturday November 19, is civic election day in British Columbia. If you are a BC resident, you should be voting today, unless you have already voted in advance polls. Voter turn out at all levels, federal, provincial, and local, is getting worse and worse with each passing election, but civic elections consistently have abhorrently dismal participation at the polls. This always puzzles me, as these elections are kind of a big deal.

Today, British Columbians will vote for the people who run the local services that we depend upon, and who manage the institutions that are the foundation of our society. Today you have a say in who will run and manage your schools, your police department, your fire department, your public transit services, your parks, your recreation centres, your public arenas and pools, your water services, your transit services, your libraries, your traffic services. Today you will vote for the people who make front line decisions regarding property development and local public sector job creation. Plus, many cities and municipalities include referendum questions on civic election ballots, where you get to directly voice your opinion on local government decisions.

It is so simple to research the candidates in your area, what with the all internets and world webs nowadays – there is really no excuse!

If democracy is something you believe in, then you have a responsibility to be involved in it. It will take you 15 minutes, and cost you nothing. Polls are open from 8am to 8pm.


For more information about Local Government Elections in BC, including where you can vote, simply put in “Local Government Election” and the name of your city into a search engine.  You can also visit: (this includes detailed information on all Metro Vancouver cities and municipalities if you scroll down).


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