Terry Fox Run – Sunday September 18th

I can say it no better than what is written on the Terry Fox Foundation website:

Many years later, Canadians adopted Terry’s mission of finding a cure for all cancers with an enthusiasm and passion that has done him proud. In keeping with the approach of its founder, The Terry Fox Run (1981 – ) is an innovative and volunteer-led event, all-inclusive, non-competitive, with no corporate sponsorship, incentives or fundraising minimums.

It has become a fall tradition in Canada to gather your friends and family, lace on your shoes, bring our pledge sheets and attend your favourite Terry Fox Run site, where Organizers have no budget for expenses but have unlimited appreciation for your attendance!

The Annual Run in Canada is usually hosted on the second Sunday after Labour Day, the month chosen by Terry to reflect when he had to stop running and when Canadians had to start.

This Sunday is not about a colour, or a bracelet, or sponsors, or a flashy symbol. Perhaps those things have a time and a place, but I hope Sunday is about family, friends, Canada, and moving beyond something that unfortunately touches all of our lives. Continually, the Terry Fox Foundation is a leader in having 85% of funds raised go directly to cancer research.

You can find your closest run site here: http://www.terryfox.org/Run/Find_A_Runsite.html

I look forward to hearing about your run on Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Terry Fox Run – Sunday September 18th

  1. Another good year with the usual little buddies and friends, yet this time in Squamish. Hope you all had a good run, jog, walk, or however you moved through the Terry Fox Run!

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for posting this reminder about the purpose of Terry Fox. We had a great little run/walk/bike up here in Masset, raising $2000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Many high school students participated in the run and the support of runners. It was great to see so many community members taking part.
    I was running especially for close family and friends who are living with cancer, and I found it really hopeful to see so many dedicated people out participating and volunteering for this cause on a very blustery day.
    So glad you enjoyed your run as well!!

    • Thank you for your comment Vanessa. It is wonderful to hear that in communities all over Canada Terry’s dream is so alive, and a part of our national identity.

      Wishing you, and all those you were running for the very best!

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