The human energy that I have witnessed, and connected with during my time in Kenya has been nothing short of electric. I have been fortunate to be a part of a birthday party, a closing ceremony, daily openings, energizer activities, and have watched numerous dance and music performances.

I suppose this awareness and connection to energy all began one day that I was in Nairobi, almost a month ago. I was bustling along the sidewalk, thinking about where I was going, and what I had to do. Likely with what could have been interpreted as a slightly aggravated expression on my face – as my thoughts were firing away on what I needed to get done that day. Quickly, as I was rushing past, one man leaned in front of me, and with an enormous grin on his face he exclaimed: “Smile!”. I did, and I think I’ve been smiling ever since.

Our trip to the jua kali the next day saw me physically interrupted by an elaborately painted and enthusiastic musician, and immediately I smiled back and felt the only way to truly gain experiences on this adventure – including those unexpected ones that I had no way of preparing for, or even knowing existed – was to accept energy, and put it back out.

Thus, in the past few weeks I think I have done a decent amount of dancing and moving to clapping and singing – and that’s a good thing. After all, every dance floor – whether it be an official one, or one you just create on the spot – is a good floor!

One of the highest points of energy, and definitely one of the top highlights of my time in Kenya was watching a group of Masai high school boys practice their singing and dancing for the national music festival that was in Nakuru last week. They were staying at the same school we are staying at and would practice late into the night in the classrooms. The energy was palpable, and their performance was completely lights out!!! They were keen to have it videoed, and while it took 5 minutes and 35 seconds, I’ve put a minute of it here: It certainly doesn’t do it complete justice as I sat in awe the entire time. If you want, I can show you the entire clip on another occasion, and I have no doubts you will agree that high energy will make one smile.


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