Short Safari Reflection

The definition of the adjective awesome is inspiring awe. I recently completed a four day safari in Kenya that was utterly awesome on a number of counts. Many times I was given to complete speechlessness at the beauty of nature and wildlife. Having grown up in British Columbia this says a lot, as my home province holds a great deal of unparalleled beauty. At the same time, reflection during the four days often left me in awe of the complete imbalance there is in our world in terms of opportunities. While I have certainly been familiar and aware of this imbalance previously, this experience drove it home in new ways.

I am appreciative of the means that allowed me to have all of the experiences of the past four days. This includes both the experiences that left me in awe of the world created regardless of humans, and those that left me in awe of the world we ourselves create.

My introduction to Kenya has been amazing. The people have been wonderfully kind, and welcoming. So many people truly express that they would like the world to visit. Simply from my introduction I am convinced that the invitation is well warranted. I am very much looking forward to the next phase of this adventure with Education Beyond Borders and learning even more about Kenya.


2 thoughts on “Short Safari Reflection

  1. Ian,
    I too remember the power of the Mara and am touched by your reflection here. I can’t wait to see you and here about your experience. I hope all is well good friend and know that we are thinking of you daily!

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