Return to Blog?

Where have I been? It certainly hasn’t been blogging, but I must have been somewhere.

I realized yesterday that the 5th anniversary of this venture is quickly approaching, and I also realized that I have had a number of posting topics in mind for the past 4-6 months, and none of them have developed into an actual post. Thus, this post shall hopefully serve as a personal catalyst, and reminder that I should take the time to practice my writing, and think about whether or not I want to acknolwedge 5 years of Être ou Avoir.

Potential upcoming post topics:
-my upcoming adventure with Education Beyond Borders in Kenya.
-a post (or seven) about hockey, as it’s been an interesting winter/spring both personally and in our fair city.
-use of Twitter
-online identities
-balance of not finding the time to post
-topics of your choice?

More than anything – hope this finds you well, and that you are having a very good spring.


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