Tomorrow, Monday May 2nd, is the day of Canada’s 41st federal election.

You should vote. Someone is going to represent you, personally, in Ottawa. Think about that, and go make a choice. Even if you just focus on one issue to help you decide: vote!

In the last federal election, on October 14 2008, Canadian voters had their worst turn-out ever, with only 58.8% of eligible citizens casting a ballot (1). Such a display is embarrassing. There really should be no need to go into the details of the price people pay in other areas of the world for the right to vote. We have an amazing nation, and each election is your chance to play a direct role in the future of Canada.

Please take the time to find out a little bit about the candidates in your riding. It is nearly a guarantee that the online version of your local community newspaper (which can be found with a search engine) will have interviews with each candidate. It is also incredibly easy to find each party’s platform online, and quickly jump to reading about the issues that are most important to you. Last time I made the assumption that everyone knew how to use a search engine, but I’ll go a little further this time in hopes that we can get a better voter turn-out. Please see the links below.

Take control, make a choice. Vote tomorrow!

In alphabetical order, here are links to the platforms of the four major national parties:

Conservative Party Platform
Green Party Platform

Liberal Party Platform
New Democratic Party Platform

If you did not receive a voter registration card, or for more information on the election, please visit Elections Canada’s website.



5 thoughts on “VOTE!

  1. Ian… there is a problem with the link. The NDP platform has been hijacked by the liberals.

    On another note…

    “I am a Canadian,
    free to speak without fear,
    free to worship in my own way,
    free to stand for what I think right,
    free to oppose what I believe wrong, or
    free to choose those who shall govern my country.
    This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

    Diefenbaker would be proud of your efforts to mobilize the Canadian public.

    • Thanks for your comment Sandra, and for sharing Diefenbaker’s words, and for bringing my attention to the incorrect links – they have been fixed.

  2. Do you want people to vote even if they know nothing about the issues, the politics, or the people involved? Do you want people voting because someone has told them who to vote for? Do you want them voting if they pick the prettiest name on the ballot? Do you want people with any kind of apathy voting in an election that means a lot to you?

    I find it interesting that around election time people are asking others to “Vote.” Seems to me that we should be asking people to get informed, and to be less apathetic about how their government is run. I guess we use that “Vote” word to sum it all up, eh?

    I’ll be voting – for better or for worse. 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder Ian.

    • Thank you for your comment Elaan. In response to your last question, the answer is “Yes”. The one word title of the post implies more than simply ticking a box. By linking to the platforms of the national parties, and by encouraging people to take 20 minutes to read about their local candidates it is my hope that people become at least somewhat informed. By saying, “Even if you just focus on one issue to help you decide: vote!” I’m hoping that people realize that it takes the smallest of efforts to become informed, and then vote.

      I find it hard extremely hard to believe that 42.2% of Canadians are apathetic. Rather, too many people simply choose to not take a few minutes to be informed about at least one issue. I also find it hard to believe that any election could be unimportant to anyone.

      I believe there was a certain poster, or slogan floating around about not letting your grandparents tell you who to date, or who to vote for. While a little silly, perhaps it hits the same message home.

  3. Nicely said and done. I love the fact that you have removed the excuse of not knowing by showing people where to get the information. It is not only our democratic right to vote, it is our responsibility. We are fortunate to live in a land where we have a say, where we can state out objections to the current government in power and attend rallies to support our causes. People come here in part because of our democracy. There is no excuse, get out and vote.

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