Saturday Ingredients

Yesterday unfolded as a fantastic day. It certainly wasn’t sunshine and lollipops, but if I could have bottled the ingredients I’d be sure to take a swig every weekend to help keep things balanced. The day began with some unexpected humility. I was reminded that I am beyond fortunate in so many ways, and that I owe so much to others. At the same time it reset what the priorities in life should be. Spending some time with family in this process crystallized these priorities even more.*

Mid-day was spent with a host of kind and caring people over an incredible home-made meal, and the continuing of a modern tradition among great friends. Laughter and friendship helped to usher in the holiday season. The evening was filled with the excitement and energy of little buddies bombing around. It was capped with being humbled again. For the past little while, there has been a transition from me reading to a little buddy, to having the little buddy read to me. This transition was cemented last night. Laughter and friendship sent me out into the night on my way home.

There was a lot of joy yesterday, and some important reminders that nothing should be taken for granted. I could go for that each and every Saturday.

*(Those waiting to point out the hypocrisy, don’t worry I too see that blogging, social networking, and simply having a computer do not even come close to being on the priority list [nor should they], but I hope you’ll allow me to say that it allows for communication and extending the balance).


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