Truckin’ & Filmin’

It can be a wonderful thing when people go on adventures that involve both personal and professional passions. I am fortunate to have some close friends who pursue their passions with care, creativity, and enthusiasm. One of these, Loren McGinnis, has taken these qualities on his latest adventure. Loren is a premier story teller, and is currently pursuing that passion while documenting Alex Debogorski.

Debogorski is a famed trucker from the History Channel’s series Ice Road Truckers. He is currently traversing the United States promoting his new book, King of the Road, and personifying the expression “larger than life”. Loren is a part of the team documenting Debogorski’s experiences and encounters with American culture on the road. Debogorski appears genuine and gregarious, and he certainly brings a wealth of kindness and positivity from Canada’s North to the highways, truck-stops, towns, and cities of the United States. To follow how Loren is pursing his passion of storytelling, and the encounters of Debogorski you can check out


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