Interesting Commitment

An interesting statement went public this evening that conjured up thoughts of balance/imbalance, and a hmmm…

Commitment to every parent in BC: “Within the next five years, every child that leaves grade four will be reading at grade four level, will be writing at grade four level, and will be doing math at grade four level.”

…hmmm… that is all…


4 thoughts on “Interesting Commitment

  1. I read that and “hmmmm” was the FIRST thing out of my mouth, no word of a lie. Actually, it was the only thing out of my mouth – I was by myself when I read it. In any case: hmmm, indeed.

  2. I guess this could just as easily change our definition of “grade 4 level” as it will how well kids read, write and do math.

  3. I’m concerned about the aftermath of a statement like that. It’s a statement that requires some sort of accountability to go along with it…no child left behind?

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