Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Rooted in a variety of traditions, yet flexible enough to accommodate yearly transitions and evolutions, Thanksgiving is a most welcome holiday. It is a celebration allowing each of us to choose how we show our gratitude. It is both personal, and collective.

It has been near impossible to wipe the smile from my face this Thanksgiving. I started an adventure just over two years ago that culminated this past summer. However, the epilogue was revealed on Friday, and in balanced fashion, it served as the perfect way to begin this year’s Thanksgiving. The adventure was taken up a couple of years ago in order to challenge myself, to take a few personal risks, and on a bit of a whim. In the grand scheme of things, Friday was not really that big of a deal, and you all have your far more exciting adventures. However, on Friday as I began to consider the effort of it, I was then overwhelmed with gratitude regarding the support I received. While there were many hours and days spent by myself on this adventure, I was never alone. I am indebted to the most incredible, supportive, and loving family and friends, as well as some outstanding colleagues. The challenge was more than worth it, mainly because of the caring people in my life. The risks and adventures that came along in my personal and professional life during the same time were even greater lessons, of even greater worth, and their support – your support – was more than appreciated there as well. Thank you.

The rest of this Thanksgiving has been spent on some of my favourite things, which as recent years have passed I believe is a worthwhile aspect to this holiday. Following some hockey, laughing with little buddies, catching up with friends, spending time with family, preparing food together, and getting outdoors. These serve as direct links to the things I appreciate most, and which helped me enjoy the past two years.

We should be grateful throughout the year. Everything that is perceived as ours, is due at least in part to others. The least, and the most we can do, is be thankful. Even more so on this day, I am thankful to so many of you, and wish you nothing but the best.

Hoping you are able to spend time with those you care about.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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