Waiting For “Superman”

I recently read the September 20 TIME article about the forthcoming documentary Waiting For “Superman”. The trailer for this film about the United States education system is below. The trailer alone evokes a number of thoughts and emotions, but combine it with the article and the realization there is much more on all sides than the preview and the entire film could possibly show, and I go “hmmm….”

Link to film’s website.

It’s made by Davis Guggenheim, and pretty much all of you know his work. Seems like it’s at least worth having a look at.


One thought on “Waiting For “Superman”

  1. As things pick up steam with this (and I’ve yet to see it). Some preliminary points:
    -it will likely give some interesting points, but no doubt the focus is on one particular country’s education system.
    -there are lot of caring and rational people vested in this, they cannot all be wrong.
    -rationality will not save us.
    -I have a sneaking suspicion many people will use the same words yet actually be talking about different things, or be talking about things they do not even know the definition of… without knowing it, or acknowledging it.
    -all of these above points remain to be seen.

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