VIFF 2010

The 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival opens today and runs until October 15th. I’m a bit late on my film fest planning this year, but after reading dozens of film descriptions last night I’m beginning to look forward to some of the offerings in store. I suggest you check out the listings by visiting the VIFF website. Break away from cookie-cutter Hollywood fare and enjoy some funny, or philosophical, or sexy, or twisted, or compelling, or fresh piece of film. The VIFF has it all, especially lots of good documentaries.

If you’re interested in doing some film-festing together, drop me a line. It’s always good times to choose a film or two with someone else and hash it out a bit.


3 thoughts on “VIFF 2010

  1. Saw Armadillo today. I’d rank it as a good documentary. Different in that there were no interviews, and very little background information provided. Instead it relied on raw footage to tell the story of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan.

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