Terry Fox Run – Sunday September 19th

Thirty years ago this month, Terry Fox had to stop outside Thunder Bay, Ontario. This Sunday, September 19, 2010, you’re the one who gets to keep going, so get out there to a Terry Fox Run. From the Terry Fox Foundation website:

When Terry recognized that he would not be able to complete his Marathon, he instead bequeathed his mission to those very Canadians who kept him going day in and day out.

Ezra Holland and Steve Nash’s new documentary on Fox is to premiere at the TIFF.

Unfortunately, I do not need to impress upon you how deep this disease cuts through our lives, families, communities, and culture. Nor is there much more to be said about the place this young man, and his mission has within our nation’s culture. Thus, I will either see you at my local run, or hear about you attending yours. It’s not a race, it’s a calling. Walk, jog, run, ride, roll, bring a child, bring a friend, bring a family member. You do not have to pre-register – just go. Use the links I have listed below to find a run or donate. Please remember that the Terry Fox Foundation is a world leader in directing the percentage of funds raised directly to research. Looking forward to your pics and stories of a Sunday September 19th well spent.

Thank you – Merci


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