Life In A Day – July 24

What are you doing on July 24th. Ridley Scott is asking the world population, including you and I, to film something from a day in their lives on July 24th, 2010. More information can be found on youtube here. Check out the videos below. I think I’ll mull this over for a bit and perhaps a post might come together in the near future. There’s something to be thought about and said here. Any reaction from you? …Any interest in grabbing a camera? …How about that Vampire Weekend? …Who wants to go to Sundance? …This is most definitely a hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Life In A Day – July 24

  1. I.,

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple years now. It kind of seems like a push from fate now that I’ve seen this. I would love to do this. Time would be my only factor and I’m not clear on the day. Do you have to film your day on the 24th??? Or do you have to submit something by the 24th or is this just something you do for yourself? I watched both videos but was interrupted several times so I could’ve very well missed the point all together. But that being said, I am truly inspired to do something whatever the case!!

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