Four Year Randomness

Four years ago we started trying something here. Apparently we’re still going at it. I won’t write much more today, as I have a lot of reading waiting at hand. A more in depth post is brewing for Canada Day anyways. Just want to quickly note the anniversary, and express some wonder that this has still held up.

Also, just read Egan using Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off as an example of heroism. I’m stretching the context a bit, but I do think it’s awesome, and I do think it works! I’ve gone a bit random here, but that’s been a tendency of the past year here at Être ou Avoir – increased randomness. Perhaps that’s what balance has needed this year, or perhaps that’s what balance has created in the past 12 months?

Anyways, as long as we’re being random, also laughed again at this clip today:

…actually… wait a sec… that wasn’t funny 😉

Four years ago an amazing wedding coincided with the start of things, and here I just came back from another very special marriage.

These quadrennials and this time of year also throw a hefty slice of sports that seem to steal my life away: now, just as four years ago, we’re coming off the Winter Olympics, coming off the Stanley Cup, coming off the French Open, watching World Cup, watching Wimbledon, and heavily anticipating the Tour.

Alright, final random connection, this clip below ties in with personal stuff and worldly sport stuff right now. Genius. Hope you’re well, see you back soon for a real post. “Marx was claiming it was offside!”  ….Blah


2 thoughts on “Four Year Randomness

  1. Happy fourth anniversary!…Mine just passed as well. I like the sports connection — and Wimbledon will certainly be more interesting now without Roger. Think the tour would be better without you-know-who.

    N.B. That Monty Python philosopher’s football match is classic.

    • Thank you for the wishes! Well, he brings a certain flair, if nothing else, and admittedly I am a fan of some of his teammates (Levi and Chris Horner in particular). I’ll be pulling for the Schlecks though.

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