PhotoSensitive – Cancer Connections

Emotions. Black and White. Cancer.

When I was in Ottawa recently I came across an outdoor public installation of over 600 photographs and stories that portrayed Canadians dealing with cancer, titled Cancer Connections. Put on by PhotoSensitive, all photos were in black and white. Photos came from all over the country, from all demographics, and from all ages. Each was accompanied by a short story about a person, family, friends, community, or event, and the impact of cancer. I stopped to view and read each one. It was dark when I left. You should view the website:

The power of black and white photography fits this project more than words can easily express. In black and white, emotions are there for the taking and giving at great depth if you are willing. The range of emotions, from photo to photo, was at times a somewhat intense experience. Anger, fear, sadness, joy, expectation, relief. Simple still images invite you into these emotions, and into this battle that we are all familiar with on some level unfortunately.

Go carefully, but you should certainly go.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society can be made here, and to the Terry Fox Foundation here.


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