Images of Courage and Hope

Last year, Andrew Topham – talented photographer and fine friend – worked with mothers2mothers in East Africa, and captured some amazing images. This Friday, an exhibition titled Images of Courage and Hope: Extraordinary Stories of Women Living With HIV, will showcase his photographs and raise funds for this more than worthwhile cause. It is in Toronto, so if you live, or plan to be in the area this Friday I strongly recommend you check it out.

mothers2mothers works with pregnant and new mothers living with HIV/AIDS. Their focus is creating a sustainable model of care and education. The organization “trains and employs new mothers with HIV to provide education and support to their peers, empowering them to access lifesaving treatment for their babies and themselves” ( For more information you can visit their website.

Andrew Topham’s photographs are captivating, emotional, and educational. He is an intentional photographer, and human being. If you are unable to view his show in Toronto this Friday you can view his m2m work here. I particularly like these two: here and here.

To find out how you can support mothers2mothers visit their How To Help page.


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