Sia at the Commodore April 10

Initially I was not going to post about the Sia concert a couple of weeks ago, but some-show is at least more than no-show, and being the outstanding performer that she is, the attention is still deserved.

Sia launched her latest tour in Vancouver on April 10 in support of her new album, We Are Born. She started of the night with “The Fight” and her voice was sounding as amazing as ever. Her interactions were typically giddy, fun-loving, and generally hilarious. However, after the third song, it started to become clear things were a little off. In the fifth number she left stage for a few moments to change out of a woollen poncho (knitting and twitter being some of here themes lately). She returned to finish “Be Good to Me”, but she was not well. She tried taking a break, but breathing difficulties and some heat exhaustion meant she was unable to return. The crowd, although disappointed, completely understood and left in a positive mood. Sia is not a prima-donna performer, and she obviously tried to gut it out, but couldn’t go any further. On her twitter feed she apologized profusely, and was grateful for all the well-wishes she had been receiving. She will return for a re-scheduled performance, and I’m already looking forward to it.


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