If you’re reading this, then you could very well be the 10,000th view of Être ou Avoir. I just checked the stats and we are 9,999. If there’s no comment on this post, then let’s assume it is you! Please leave a comment to let us know you were (likely) the one to get us to 10,000. Thank you!

It’s been a worthwhile challenge so far. I think it’ll keep going, of course, it couldn’t happen without you. It’s a means of communication, and that always takes at  least two.



3 thoughts on “10,000

    • It is you Elaan! Coincidentally, I happened to check the stats just before you posted actually, so I think we can say with little doubt that your view was the 10,000th. Thanks for leaving the comment to let me know it was you! You will receive a special prize :-).

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