Music, Docs, and the Springlympics

The ol’ weblog here hasn’t really devoted much space to the upcoming Olympics (or the more appropriate “Springlympics” considering the balmy weather). Quite frankly, I think that’s alright as I have some mixed feelings about the whole enterprise. Yet, I am well aware that there is something undeniably unique about what is shaping up here in Vancouver. Regardless of whether you are pro, anti, fevered, frustrated, or indifferent to the 2010 Games, one has to admit it is something huge and almost indefinable, that has rolled into town. Thus, perhaps the most amazing thing about it all, is that even with its massiveness there are once in a lifetime personal opportunities for a lot of people, and certainly not just athletes. There are people you and I know, maybe even you yourself, who are going to get a unique rush, and a little bit of a spotlight on the passions in their lives. I’m not here to pass verdict on anything on the eve of the Games, instead I’m here to plug two unique people who have worked hard and get to see their efforts shine on a bit of a bigger scale – thanks to the Olympics.

Jeff Topham has produced a series of short documentary pieces that will air on the CTV called the Difference Makers. Look for them, and check out the one on Roberto Luongo and Grant Fuhr right now.

My friend Mark Wilson is one hell of a piano player and you can catch his equally impressive 10-piece band, The Phonix, play at the Plaza of Nations (for free) as a part of the party surrounding the Opening Ceremonies on Friday evening.

There are many more like them – here’s to all of them that have a chance to see their passions go just a bit further. It’s sure to bring them and many others well deserved joy.


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