Upcoming Season

We are about to enter a time of year of consumption, consumerism, and cost. Pessimism is not a trait I hold well, so I will certainly not belabour that alliteration. There is a lot of giving, hope, joy, and reflection that the proceeding season inspires in all of us as well. The point here, is that I hope we manage to balance it all, and don’t get run off our feet, with pressure to attend this soiree, or that do. Take the time to do things for yourself, and those you care about, to show them that you care. It certainly does not have to be something extravagant, simply intentional.

Start a new tradition, or carry forward old ones, not because they define you, but because you define them. Know your intentions. Be honest about your intentions. Act with intention. Associate with those who do the same. It helps keep balance.


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