PS 22 Chorus & Updates

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this elementary school choir on youtube, and I was smitten. I have finally got around to sharing the PS 22 Chorus with you here as I feel you should check them out. The balance part of the blog might ask: is this appropriate for an elementary school choir? You know what, this is just too cool, and look at the kids, they are having too much fun: this is appropriate!! I wish I sounded half as good, and am glad music brings these kids joy, it should. I couldn’t decide on a single song to share with you, I like these four below, each for a different reason. They have a host of many other songs on youtube, or simply check out their blog at: Having trouble surviving while playing in the cold? Take this musical journey to the eye of the tiger and you’ll be running this town while living life. 😉 Which one is your favourite? Also: as a reminder, I try to keep the secondary pages (about, currently…) up to date even when I don’t post here, from time to time anyways, and now is one of those times.


3 thoughts on “PS 22 Chorus & Updates

  1. Oh, I kept changing my mind.. I watched them in the order that you listed here and my favourite changed each time I watched another clip. I would say the last 2 are the best. 😀

    • They are the “classics” so to speak. Well, Eye of the Tiger certainly is. My favourite always changes too. So that means it is allowed.

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