Books for Asia

Should Books for Asia be sending what we deem to be a good children’s book to a school in Thailand? It was a twitter post by Nicholas Kristof, a reporter for the NY Times, that put me on to this. Regular readers (all three of you) may wonder why I would ask such a silly question. I have written here before promoting fiction for children, and how a well written children’s story can be beneficial to us all. Books rank as one of the best possible material gifts one can give in my opinion. Further, literacy is a keystone to success within North American culture. Thus, I too wonder a bit at my question. Yet, what if we considered things a bit more deeply? Maybe you should watch the video first.

Some questions you might have asked: Is the happiness of these children dependent upon stories from North America? Do these children not dream already? In many ways these stories are nonsensical – what kind of ideas do they put into children’s heads? Why should your favourite book from a shortlist of five be the one that gets sent to this school? Shouldn’t the culture, community, and teacher select the book?

Just asking.   The video is well put together.   I kind of like nonsensical ideas sometimes.   I am going to vote for a book.   You’ll have to decide if you are.   I like the song.   Do you have the answers to these questions?   My answers are just more questions.   Except, I like books.

You can find out more, and vote here:


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