Summer Quotes – 2009

With the passing of the autumnal equinox and summer having officially come to an end a few days ago it’s time to recall some of the one liners of the preceding season. This follows the successful post of a year ago, and me not really feeling up to generating original content right now. So, from the past season of frivolity, camping, longer days, weddings, and travel comes the following collection of remarks. Please feel free to add your own in the comments. Gotta love the quotes of summer!

First rule of Rainforest Club: don’t touch anything in the Rainforest.” – Rainforest club members.

A very warm welcome and Buenos Dias to… <insert new person or place here>” – Daniel

Don’t be that guy”     “But somebody has to be that guy”     “Okay, be that guy” – on the d-floor

oooooooo, I hope we see a bear!” – E

I thought it was a puma… turned out it was a tree mouse.” IR, in jest

Perhaps you need a life coach” – B

Stupid stove, stupid craigslist” – A…. “Alright, let’s not panic.” – IR

Why is the shade over there?” – J

“Fifth rule: write down the rules.”


5 thoughts on “Summer Quotes – 2009

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  2. Ok. I love the quotes. My favorite being…“I thought it was a puma… turned out it was a tree mouse.” Good times. I miss summer.

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