Where the Wild Things Are

Are you kidding me? They’ve gone and mashed a bunch of my favourite things into 1 minute and 32 seconds:

  • An iconic children’s story;
  • ground-breaking film techniques;
  • Spike Jonez;
  • Wake Up by Arcade Fire;
  • key themes I write about, and in life, written in big scrawly letters;
  • cool editing;
  • and just some general wildness and mayhem as we find ourselves.

I really like all of these things, I really like this trailer, and I really hope this movie is pretty much the cat’s pajamas. Be hopeful, be adventurous, conquer fear, watch this trailer, Wake Up, and be… WILD! I will go see this. I think you should too.

… and in a related story. The upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival runs from October 1st to 16th. I am still searching for a film fest buddy. If you’re a local reader let me know if you’re interested in attending anything. We can choose together, (website here) or you can trust my judgment. It’s what S. always did 😉 Film fest – good times.


2 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Hey,

    You know I am always down for the film fest, if we can both find the time in our crazy schedules to see something. I’m not even picky about what I see – the flims always make me think and that’s really all I need. You choose, and let me know what my options are.


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