Eve of Tuesday 2009

Sneaking Home

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We’ve been favoured with seven days of September prior to Labour Day this year, yet here it is once again: The Eve of Tuesday. For many of us we sit at the cusp of beginnings, changes, and adventures at this time of year. As a result, and as I’ve mentioned before (and before), it seems a natural, and pertinent, time for a little reflection. Maybe not too much mind you, but just a little. We’ve pulled off a lot these past twelve months, and it’s interesting to think that many of the adventures of the preceding 52 weeks were set in motion, at least in some small way, during the days following Labour Day. Travel, relationships, sports, employment, school, and other adventures were all set-in motion a year ago. If you think back, can you recall any that made your past year special, challenging, or meaningful?

This type of post has become a bit of a repetitive annual affair, but some things deserve emphasis, especially as many of us have faced recent adventures and challenges. As the summer closes out, we look back upon the season that is often filled with play, travel, and other adventures. Others look back on goals completed, or milestones reached in the past season, and the past year. The start of September, the change of the season, allows us to realize just how much we have accomplished recently – most of it with each other. It’s also exciting to think that in the next few days and weeks the seeds will likely be planted for the adventures to come, or the near future will provide the setting, people, or tools to allow recently started adventures to come to fruition. As I sneak back into town, on the brink of The Tuesday, I find this long weekend has served as a reminder that it is our relationships that will be our most powerful ally – even if some are our greatest challenges – in the year to come after Labour Day.

As I sit and see today’s sun fade across the water and into the west, I smile when I think of what we will accomplish in these days after Labour Day – the new adventures to come, and so many of them still unknown. I am fortunate and thankful to have amazing friends that will be there in the adventures and challenges. Thus, the usual call goes out at this time of year. Be ready to help those who are lost in their challenges of the next 12 months. Yet, also be ready to turn to friends when you are lost or challenged – it will come, and not always in the form expected. However, that’s exciting, and if we didn’t open the door to the excitement of success and setbacks, then joy wouldn’t be able to come in. Be ready, be open, be friendly, and be a friend to your friends.

I might not be around these interweb parts so much this coming season, so two things. (1) Go to a Terry Fox run on Sunday. (2) I’ll wish you all the best now, and suggest that I might return with more regularity at some point. I’ll never be too far though, and for those of you who know where to reach me, please never hesitate to drop a line or give a ring. We’ll see you soon no doubt.

I’ll let the White Stripes take us into this next yearly cycle. A song filled with hope, smiles, friendship and a bit of the unknown – key characteristics for a successful run at the adventures that are ahead for us this time of year.

Take care,
Peace and love – a bientôt,
IR 🙂


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