Local Peaks

Recently, I alluded to adventures abroad giving one a new perspective on adventures at home. After returning from Costa Rica, I felt a renewed exhilaration for my travels across southern British Columbia over the previous two summers. This in no way diminished the Central America experience, which was an excellent one. The geography, wildlife, and adventures were truly unique, and perhaps once in a lifetime. Only, it all gave me a greater appreciation for the unparalleled beauty and experiences that are in Canada and British Columbia. I certainly cannot think of a wilderness more vast, yet overflowing with energy as that found in the remote areas I found myself in during the summer of 07, and 08. They were truly humbling and once in a lifetime journeys themselves.

A few days ago I went on a local hike that, while on a smaller scale, replicated these sentiments. A friend and I assailed a well known local trail. While we have both been fairly active in BC’s outdoors, neither of us had ever attempted this particular trek. It is a pair of peaks that are iconic to our city, and stand out to millions of people. However, the percentage of people that got as close as we did the other day must be unfortunately minuscule. Further, we set out early, and as a result had the steep trail, and the spectacular views all to ourselves for hours on end. As we climbed above the clouds, it was as if we had stumbled upon a treasure reserved just for us alone. You can’t really beat that. Hoping you can get out there and find such places for yourself.

Thanks to D. for a great hike!


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