I was down at the New Amsterdam…

…staring at this yellow haired girl, Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation with a black haired Flamenco dancer…

With those lines one realizes we have once again reached August and Everything After. Only, this time it is 15 years on. Fifteen years! True, the album came out in the fall of ’93, but it was the summer of ’94 that saw this album rise to iconic standing in many of our lives, particularly the third track, which opened with the lyrics above. It was a summer of acoustic guitars and new paths, so this album seemed to fit the bill. The crazy things is – has it really been a decade and a half?

A decade and a half from now what songs and albums will we look back upon with the same nostalgia as we do now. Somehow I don’t think it will be Poker Face. Use Somebody seems to be getting a surprising bit of play right now in different corners, but it doesn’t have the story-telling effect of Duritz’s ballad. If you have any thoughts, please comment below.

However, I’m rambling. The main point of this post: we have once again reached August, and we are looking down the road to the “everything after” part. It’s a weird month this August. Does it belong to the end of the past cycle, or the beginning of the next? (As you may remember, the author has argued a few times that September makes a better start to the annual cycle.) Yet, he’s not too sure that August makes a natural ending. It is both the wind-down and the build-up, the relaxation and the anticipation, the calm and the storm. August houses the dog days of the season, but hints at what’s to come. The crescendo that is June and July are done, but we are still a ways from autumn. Is August the climax, the denouement, or a continued build-up? Whatever it is, I’m all for it. It’s got the maximum 31 days. It plays host to many a festival and fair across this country. It’s the time of vacation in many parts of Europe. It’s got travel, BBQ, and reading on the itinerary for many of you. You deserve a good August, and everything that follows. Perhaps August has the maximum days so it can be about setting one’s self in a good frame of mind for all that follows after. Perhaps August is about dreaming of what lies ahead, but not feeling pressured into it.

Mr. Jones and the song’s protagonist seem to be doing a lot of dreaming and aspiring to bigger things. Fifteen years ago we aspired to some pretty big things. Some of them have come to fruition, others we’re working on, and many dreams have changed – in many good ways. However, the question remains for the duo in that song: did they go out and make any of it happen? I hope your August is one of fond nostalgia, rest, and dreams of things you will go out and make happen. Here’s to finding your New Amsterdam, and all that lies ahead in August and after. I believe it’s set to be a good one. 🙂

Mr. Jones and me look into the future…

p.s. – final thoughts on this year’s tour now appear on the TdF page.


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