Blind Bike Balance

This is Matt Gilman. He rides a bike. As you see, he overcomes a particular challenge that you and I probably aren’t faced with, but does stuff – balance stuff – on a bike that most of us probably couldn’t do. There are always different tools, signs, senses, and mediators to help us balance, if we choose to go after them. When faced with something that throws you off balance from the things you find joy in what do you do? It certainly doesn’t stop Matt from going after what brings him joy. There’s more than one way to find balance in the things that bring us joy, even when at first they may appear lost. Are we willing to go after them, and not be afraid to fall while we do it? If you’re not into watching the whole thing at least watch the first couple of minutes, and then watch from about the 7:10 mark on to get a sense of how things don’t always go as planned. But maybe just watch the whole thing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Blind Bike Balance“, posted with vodpod

If you dig this kind of stuff, then check out these guys from an old posting as well.


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