Voigt Recovers

The ever impressive Jens Voigt took a nasty spill today. It is really quite amazing he is not more seriously hurt. I was rather taken aback when I saw his crash this morning. Jens is an incredible cyclist, a veteran competitor, and by all accounts I have heard, a stand-up athlete who is one of the toughest men in his sport. He did some incredible work to pull himself back to help his team leaders after he was dropped on the last climb today. Then, shortly after going over the top he uncharacteristically lost control and hit the pavement at around 70 km/hr.

Wishing one of my favourite cyclists all the best in his recovery.


5 thoughts on “Voigt Recovers

  1. It certainly appeared that way didn’t it – it was quite freaky.

    Nice to see the Schleck brothers respond today and dedicate their efforts to him and Arvesen.

  2. I’m pretty impressed with Marc Cavendish. He’s one power-packed little sprinter with an ego to match, and that Isle of Man accent is just bizarre. He won’t win the tour, but I think he’ll cross the finish line on the Champs Elysee first…

  3. Cavy had an amazing tour. While I would have liked to have seen Farar nip him at least once, his sprinting is a sight to behold. You’re absolutely right, he’s got the sprinter’s attitude which is a must when you’re given’it at those speeds. If you don’t think you’re number one, you can’t be number one. Next year green jersey is his.

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