Tour Returns

In case you didn’t notice, the Tour page was brought back on this blog a few days ago: Tour de France 2009. While I’m a year round cycling fan, I do admit it gets ramped up in July. Rather than totally bore you with cycling posts for this month I just put short updates on the TdF page. That way I can totally bore you with the regular stuff here.


2 thoughts on “Tour Returns

  1. After spending April and May in Paris, I feel quite connected to the vibe that is Le Tour. That these pro cyclists ride in the 150-200 km range every day for almost a month, in some cases like mountain goats up the largest mountains in Europe, ever astounds. Such a unique, perhaps the unique, sporting event.


  2. Le Tour combines the great sport of cycling with the amazing geography and culture of France. I’ve been a cycling fan since LeMond, but it’s true, I developed a closer connection to this particular event as well, after I spent some time in France.

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