Summer Requests

Welcome to summer!

With it’s official arrival yesterday, the season that is often a fan favourite has gotten off to a decent start. June could rank as my favourite month. You have sneaky long days that many don’t notice (except perhaps myself and S.), along with general feelings of positive expectaions and exciting anticipation for the glamorous summer months of July and August.

Currently, and locally, the weather has been decent, there are a number of community events on the calendar, and personally I have some more free time for a bit. This coincides nicely with the long days, and the third anniversary of Être ou Avoir. Thus, if there is a topic you would like to see a post on, please let me know. Maybe you’re even interested in giving blogging a go, and we could have some guest posts? Whether it is revisiting an old topic, striking up a new one, or just posing a question, I’m always open to requests, but a little more so around the time of the anniversary. Plus, be sure to keep track of any memorable, funny, ironic, silly, or even philosophical quotes that arise during your summer experiences. A post last year that colleted quotes of the summer seemed to go over well, so we might try again this season.

Finally, and mainly, wishing you an excellent start to the summer. I hope you get to spend lots of time outside and adventuring.


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