Porpoise Possibilities

One Short

Originally uploaded by irober.

I came within two metres of two porpoises in the wild today. I was less than 100 kilometres from my home, and after passing incredibly close to the two, I watched about a dozen of them feed. It was a completely unexpected experience, and I am sure not many people will share it in their lifetime. There are amazing sights, moments, experiences, and adventures to be had so close to your own home. You no doubt have similar unique experiences in your own life. If you feel lacking in them, perhaps it’s best to get off your computer, and out there to explore what is within a hundred clicks of your own front door. Whether it be people, places, or possibilities, plenty of the world is right there.

The photo is another part of the weekend, and yet another homage to the theme.


One thought on “Porpoise Possibilities

  1. BC is amazing that way. I remember a day here on Vancouver Island where we drove out to Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew. In one afternoon I saw Grey Whales not more than 50 ft. offshore, a pod of Orcas, all sorts of sea creatures (urchins, anemonae, etc…), a seal and, on the drive home, a Black Bear and her cub sitting just by the roadside basking in the sun. For someone who was once a fully urban Montrealer, I have become totally charmed by the natural beauty you run across around here. Every day…

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