With no previous post this month, some might say this blog is gasping for some air and vitality. I’m not about to argue with that. Sometimes balance just means time away from posting though. I’m back cause I kinda rocked out today and want to share. A song can breath new life into a day, a mood, a party, or just a moment. I’ve been listening to a lot of Weezer lately, and had a strong craving for MGMT today. This resulted in a little youtubing when I had a free moment on a computer and was away from the iPod and CD’s. Lo and behold: Weezer covering Kids, and a recent performance to boot! Throw in a little GaGa, and this song is just bop your head, feed your inner pop-soul, throw up your arms, and get ready to dance. Weird – but totally awesome. I cranked it, and so should you.


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