Quite frankly I am fortunate to have such caring, loving, and fun filled friends and family. I was reminded of this last night. School, work, volunteering, travel, sport, living abroad, coaching, childhood, randomness, all of these and more have contributed to me being incredibly lucky and fortunate to meet people who care so much, and give so much. My good fortune extends in that I not only got to meet so many of these people, but got to know them on a variety of levels. It wasn’t so much the experiences that helped make me a better person, as it was and is the people.

Often we need excuses like weddings, graduations, retirements, births, birthdays and other “special” events to bring together the amazing people in our lives. I was fortunate enough to have one of these experiences and I am hopeful that the people I care about got to meet some amazing others. I’m also hopeful that we can all make the time and effort to make more caring connections without waiting for the same excuses.

Thanks so much to everyone. We’ll see you soon no doubt.

A bientôt


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