Amazing Animal Race

In the latest brain wave that will surely make me rich, I’ve come with a new spin on the only decent reality TV show, The Amazing Race. Instead of a human partner, contestants would choose an animal partner, or maybe it would be a team of three, keep the two humans and add an animal. This immediately begs the cool question (at least I think it’s cool):

Which animal would you choose to go on the Amazing Race with you?

I was initially thinking about bringing a monkey. While their intelligence factor and dexterity with hands and feet could prove advantageous in many a road block or detour, I then remembered I have a bit of a phobia about monkeys. Partnering with a Giant Ape might be a better option. Only, I would be wary of us getting into an argument during which I would be incapacitated. Some sort of giant feline, like a lion or cougar would certainly be great for all the running we would have to do, and could make getting on and off, and in and out of airports quick due to the fear factor the animal would inspire in others. However, I don’t feel very trusting of cats and would always suspect my partner would eat me in the end to take the million dollars for him/herself. I imagine a kangaroo to be really laid back, yet at the same time competitive, which means we could get along really great. Although, I’ve never met one so really don’t know for sure. For some reason I would trust a bear over a cat, and I like bears. Yet, I’m a bit worried about the motivation and drive factor. I can picture a bear getting distracted for some reason, or bought off easily by another team with honey, salmon, mai tai or some other sweet treat from an exotic place. A bird of some sort might be the way to go. He/she could scout ahead, and there are always climbing or jumping from height tasks in the Amazing Race, and the bird could just fly through these (pun intended). Then I recall that birds, particularly certain birds, give me another irrational phobia (even though I let them eat out of my hand). Honestly – I really like animals, and I fight these monkey/bird phobias (which are the only ones) and realize they are probably irrational (maybe).

So, what I think it comes down to is a dog or a an elephant. I see them both as being very loyal. They would hopefully have good memories, because there is always that last activity (and we would make it all the way to the end to be in the last activity) where you have to remember stuff about the places you’ve been to or the other contestants. A dog, like a shepherd, retreiver, or collie, would have good stamina and intelligence, they would be able to carry some stuff. An elephant would be able to carry me anywhere. (I’m assuming that on the Animal Amazing Race they would give us planes big enough to transport any partner we selected). Both seem like they could be friendly, yet competitive as well, so we’d get along. I would worry about neither having opposable thumbs, with some of those road block tasks requiring fine motor skills sometimes. I’ll mull it over and try to decided between these two. Maybe you have some other suggestions I haven’t seriously considered yet?

More importantly: which animal would you take on the Amazing Race as a partner or team of three with your human partner? Feel free to comment down below (click on “comments” if you’re on the main page).

Now, if only I could be as cool as Phil Keoghan.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Animal Race

  1. Back in the days when I had a dogsled my mind would wonder during the summer days (Mud Season as it is called in the North). I would be running with my dogs through the woods. My mind would wonder to the idea of Dog / Human Amazing-Race Style events. It would strongly rely on how strong the bond of communication was between the two. Humans are slow and generally useless when it comes to any physical abilities (and I classify myself as a relatively fit kid). Dogs are tough and fast. The team races but only one needs to make it to waypoints. So the race leads through places that allow the teams to see the waypoints, and the canine partner could easily retrieve the waypoint ticket if the human can explain where the waypoint is. Without the communication, the slow human is going to have to go all the way to the waypoint eating up huge amounts of time. I see this as a great sport and a great example of how species can work together.

    It is not quite as imaginative as your propostion, but I think my version is very realistic… and I may get around to it eventually.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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