25 Random Things

The last refuge of the content deprived is lists. I am not above this, so here begins a few posts about lists. A few people have “tagged” me on a that site almost everybody uses… bookfarce, cafebooks – something like that – anyways, they’re asking for 25 “random things”. While random implies “without objective” the process does appear to have an objective: getting to know more about people. I like that kind of objective – I’m out to learn more about the people I care about.

The list that appears for me here may not appear to live up to the details, intricacies, hidden wishes, and obscure revelations some other people have sent me on their 25 points. However, three reasons for its seemingly more obscure nature: (1) This blog is not about intricate details of my life. (2) It just might be that all that is random in my life and yours flows from a list like this. All our little differences and hidden treasures actually connect us all, rather than separate us. (3) When this list is kept open like this, it stays random. Each time I read it a different – and random – time, a story, detail, or thought can be applied to it – either from my life, or maybe yours as well. This list stays random, it stays alive, and in this way anyone who reads can consider her/himself “tagged”. 🙂

Here were the instructions (spelling and grammar of instructions have been left alone):

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things about you, then choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If i tagged you, it’s because i want to know more about you. continue reading……..

  1. I hope.
  2. I often feel like a dichotomy.
  3. I have experienced joy.
  4. I have experienced sadness.
  5. I have been wrong.
  6. I have learned.
  7. I laugh.
  8. I have cried.
  9. I won.
  10. I lost.
  11. I have been lost.
  12. I have left.
  13. I have returned.
  14. I have not returned.
  15. I commit.
  16. I change.
  17. I dream – when awake and when asleep.
  18. I am pragmatic and unrealistic at the same time.
  19. I believe.
  20. I doubt.
  21. I am subjectively objective, and sometimes objectively subjective.
  22. I adventure.
  23. I have hated.
  24. I hope to, and work to, not hate again.
  25. I love.
  26. I am loved – it makes me a better person, and I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve it.
  27. I have a history of subverting rules, guidelines, and suggestions.

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