Christmas Nears

Time to make this official: the holidays are upon us. Well with the passing of some personal tasks, it’s official from my point of view now anyways. Perhaps with a little more time I will serve up some regular postings on the whole End-of-year-holiday-theme, or perhaps I’ll spend a lot more time away from the computer. Something tells me it might actually be both. That’s a good thing. While I ponder content, I’ll also open it up to people requesting post topics again. Comment here, email me, or just chat it up.

Hope to see you, or hear from you soon,
-There is a serious push to have 6 Habs start at the All-Star game in Montreal this year. Normally I view the All-Star game as a bit of a waste of time. This, however could be really cool.
-Word has it that puppy-cam could be coming to an end. Be sure to get a look before it is all over.


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