Arresting Film

“You must love Arrested Development”. It was kind of interesting to hear how often people would throw this comment my way in the past, back when I couldn’t really get into the show. Initially I thought it a bit of a poor take-off on one my favourite films of all time. Perhaps others saw this as well, and therefore often tried to engage me about the show. They ended up surprised that I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about during the little I watched. Then, I avoided watching more of it because there seemed to be this big assumption that I would “love” it. When it was picked up in syndication late at night I finally fell into watching a few episodes on my own terms, and admittedly laughed consistently (although maybe not as much as people felt I should have been 🙂 ).The point? Well, with so many people thinking I’d be a big fan, I noticed that there are a lot of big fans of this show amongst friends. Thus, if they haven’t already heard, they’ll be excited to hear what Ron Howard has to say:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh Gob, what will you get up to know?


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