Vote Locally

You may very well be feeling oversatured by elections recently. However, the most pertinent election is today. The elected officials who have the say in the things that directly impact your life are decided upon today. You have the opportunity to have a say in those people who are in charge of your local taxes, schools, roads, recreation services, parks, housing, zoning, and host of other local issues. For information visit the Municipal Election website. They have links to all the municipalities. Check out a few sites, choose an issue or two, make a decision, and please vote.


4 thoughts on “Vote Locally

  1. Rjjdq’s comment is not really about the locale I was referring to when I was mentioning local elections. Also, I think LA votes in March, and the “today” I mention in my post was the day of the post, November 15th. Further, the link in the post has nothing to do with American politics, of any kind. Notwithstanding, the post is not endorsing any person, party or even location on the political spectrum, or asking people to.

    Thanks for reading, but don’t see how the comment above is on topic with the post.

  2. No worries. I probably went a little overboard in my response comment. I just got a bit anxious about things turning partisan here, and jumped a little bit at that. It’s great that you take an interest in your local politics though. I wish more people here did. Voter turn-out for Municipal elections on Saturday was a dismal 23% across the province of BC.

    Again, thanks for reading.

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